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Travel Tips

Medical Facilities in Uganda; There are private hospitals and clinics which provide 24-hour emergency and ambulance services. Check with your travel agent as to which one is currently to be recommended.

Travel Insurance:
It is the client’s responsibility to arrange his/her personal insurance through your home insurance company or your agents. It is strongly recommended that clients should also take out insurance to cover their emergency travel, lost baggage, stolen items, like phones, laptops, iPads and any other covers.

Consider shorts, skirts, sandals and T-shirts; occasionally, alight sweater might be required. Warmer clothing is necessary in mountain regions. Swimsuits, hats, sunscreen and sensible walking shoes are a must especially when visiting island beaches and resorts.

Smart-casual clothing is worn for evening entertainment. Smart-casual clothing or suits-and-ties are worn for business and social gatherings.

ganda has the gift of holiday weather all year around!  There are two reasons the rainy seasons are from Mar to May and from September to December. The wettest month is traditionally April and dry months are usually June, July august, December and January.

Food and Water:
Tap water is safe, Though it’s highly recommended that you drink bottled or boiled water only. Sodas, beer and alcoholic beverages are generally considered safe. Coffee and tea, as well as fresh fruit juices, are prepared with boiled water. 

Food and hygiene at hotels, restaurants and nightspots are excellent. Roadside grills and markets places sell decent and fairly priced food.

Uganda has a wide range of restaurants which serve diverse cuisines such as African Continental, Chinese, English, French, Italian, Indian, Korean, Lebanese, Turkish and several other cuisines.

it is advisable to bring good cameras with high resolutions for better image qualities and also travel with your battery chargers (or to purchase them in Kampala). High-camera resolutions/megapixels is recommended for photographing gorillas and chimps and high altitude filters are best for climbers.

There is no charge for the use of personal cameras and video recorders but if it’s on a commercial basis, like filming there may be a charge in some places (e.g., national parks). Clients are responsible for any such fee. Binoculars will greatly give your safari experience and it is recommended to come along with you.

Uganda: 240 volts. 3-pin (square) sockets. It is recommended that you bring your own adapter. Most hotels, lodges or camps can make arrangements for recharging batteries. Please ask us on booking if you have specific requirements.

International telephone communication is good from Kampala, surrounding areas and in various towns, but more difficult in some rural areas. Local SIM cards can be purchased at the airport and also throughout the Country. International roaming facilities are available.

Internet services are widely available in Kampala through internet cafes, hotels, restaurants, major shopping malls and most major towns will have access, although the quality and speed of the connection varies.

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