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Safaris in Uganda

Flying Safaris in Uganda

Going on a safaris in Uganda is exciting but sometimes the road trip to the safari destination is dreadful, it takes courage to endure it. Thankfully, you don’t have to always endure the road trip, you can actually opt for a faster and easy way to get to your safari destination. And this easy way […]

sezibwa falls -cultural treasure

Sezibwa falls – Ugandan Cultural treasure

The Sezibwa Falls are located 32 Km along the Kampala- Jinja highway. It is one of Uganda’s hidden cultural treasure with one part owned by Buganda Kingdom and another by the Anglican Church of Uganda. It takes approximately 30 minutes drive from the capital Kampala depending on the traffic flowing out of the city. The sezibwa falls […]

gorilla tracking in Bwindi


Bwindi Impenetrable National Park (BINP) is best known for its Mountain Gorilla populations and gorilla tracking.  There are 4 locations for tracking gorillas in BINP these are Buhoma, Ruhija, Rushaga, and Nkuringo. The 4 locations have a total of about 18 families as of December 2018. Tracking permits must be bought before tracking by booking directly […]

mountain gorillas

Endangered Mountain gorillas multiply

Why is the population of “endangered” mountain gorillas continuously increasing? The population is increasing because the three countries are making enough money to manage the preservation of the mountain gorillas. The governments are making $500 for every gorilla permit sold. DRC charges $750 due to all the insecurity and uncertainty in the country. It is not […]

gorilla trekking safari

How To Plan A Gorilla Trekking Safari in Uganda

This guide is for helping anyone planning a gorilla trekking safari in Uganda in putting together a memorable gorilla trekking adventure to go see the magnificent mountain gorillas and spend a moment with them in their natural rainforest jungle. Seeing mountain gorillas in their natural habitat is a top African safari wilderness experience and one that’ll make you feel good […]

Ugandan common ostrich

Ugandan common ostrich The Ugandan common ostrich is the largest flightless bird native to Africa’s savanna area. The scientific name is Struthio camelus, a member of genus Struthio. In Uganda, this flightless bird lives in Kidepo valley national park. The Ugandan common ostrich has a long neck and legs with 2 toes on each foot with […]

Tourism revenue sharing

Tourism revenue sharing in National Parks

To date tourism revenue sharing (TRS) programmes have met mixed success. Local conditions and national policies that shape the success of TRS programmes were identified by comparing the experiences of both implementers and beneficiaries of pilot TRS programs at three parks in western Uganda.

Stay safe in uganda

How to stay safe in Uganda when you travel

Do you have worries on how to stay safe in Uganda on a tour? Are you scared of embarking on this journey alone? If yes, then worry not. Uganda is one of the safest countries in Africa. However, just like in any major cities, you will have to be careful. When you visit this Pearl […]

Gorilla trekking

Is The Gorilla Trekking Experience Worth The Money?

Of course! The gorilla trekking experience in Uganda is worth all the money you’ll spend because once you sit a few meters from a four-hundred-pound silverback and his whole family, the world comes alive, and your view of the natural world is changed forever. You’ll then better relate with world creatures humans have so feared […]

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