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The park lies in the western rift valley northwestern Uganda and is Uganda’s biggest park harboring about 450 bird species,76 mammal species and 451 bird species. Murchison falls that is formed by the mighty River Nile(world’s Longest River) is the park’s most notable wildlife attraction with several visitors flocking to explore its beauty. The Nile-Delta where the mighty Victoria Nile joins Lake Albert is a major area for bird watchers and a place to see the rare shoebill stork whereas KaniyoPabidi and Rabongo forests in this park are ideal for educational tours and are a bird watchers paradise since they allocate a great opportunity to identify birds, primates that include chimpanzee, Medical plants and trees.Size: 3840 sq.kms and Altitude:500m – 1292m above sea level.

Activities;-Water fall – Boat ( hike to the top)A short drive on dirt road takes you to the top of the falls, where you can hear the thunder and feel the spray as the water forces itself through the rock. Views from the top of the falls are stunning and offer excellent photo opportunities; sometimes you can access it via a boat ride.

Delta boat Trip: This is a boat trip that takes down to Victoria Nile to where it merges into the Lake Albert, leads you through papyrus swamps filled with wildlife and various bird species. This trip takes about 4-5 hours and is a must for bird lovers. The Delta is the best place in Uganda to see the rare shoe bill.

Game drive: Murchison Falls National Park is the biggest national park in Uganda. During a typical game drive you can be expected to see a large number of animal including; antelope species, including the bush buck, the water buck, Thomson’s gazelle and the dik dik and many others. Larger herbivores, such as buffalos, giraffe and elephant.Murchison falls also provides Primates species, such as the chimpazees, baboon and the patas monkey, these are found in budongo forest and this also gives a great chance for bird lover then Murchison Falls National Park will not disappoint.

Chimpanzee tracking (in Budongo Forest); Chimpanzee trekking takes place in the Kaniyo Pabidi in budongo forest reserve. Chimp habituation started officially in 1992 and guided chimp walks, the guides are extremely accommodating and flexible. The good seasons of good viewings of the chimps between the months of May and August. the beauty of the forest engulfs you entirely as you walk along the well maintained paths listening to the huge variety of bird song and animal calls. The informative guide will tell you about the history of the forest and help you to identify the rich flora and fauna.

Birding; Birding is mostly done within the Budongo’s famous Kaniyo Pabidi and Busingiro Ecotourism site are the major tourist site for birding activities, the Royal Mile – a wide forestry track considered by many to be the country’s premier forest birding locality. This is the best place in Uganda for Nahan’s Francolin, Cassin’s Spinetail, and Chestnut-capped Flycatcher. Here we will find many confusing forest green buls to test us, including Spotted, Xavier’s, White-throated, Red-tailed &Honey guide Greenbuls. Canopy flocks support Yellow-mantled Weaver, Rufous Thrush and Uganda Woodland-Warbler.Sport FishingNile perch and various fish species provide an exciting challenge for the great fishermen competition. Sport fishing is possible in the river sections above and below the falls. Prior booking with Barien safaris has to be made, as the number of people doing sport fishing at albert Nile sites. You have to bring your own equipment or we can arrange them for you on prior booking.

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